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Penn State

National Extension Energy Summit

National Sustainability Summit 2022


Sunday, May 15

3 pm — Registration Table Opens
4 pm — Conference Organizing Committee Meeting
6 pm — Welcome Reception

Monday, May 16

7 am — Registration Table Opens
7:30 am — Continental Breakfast and Networking, Presidents Pre 1-2

        8:30 am — Noon Opening Plenary Session, Presidents Hall 3-4

8:30 am — Welcome and Opening Remarks

  • Brent Hales, PSU Assistant Dean of Extension

  • Tom Richard, Director of PSU Institutes for Energy

9:15 am — Keynote Address: Kip Pheil, USDA - NRCS
10 am — Break
10:30 am — Panel Discussion: Building Extension Energy Capabilities and Partnerships
Noon — Lunch, Dean’s Hall 1-2

1 pm - 2:45 pm — Concurrent Sessions 1 (click on session for details)

 Concurrent Session 1A

Green Infrastructure
Presidents Hall 3-4

 Concurrent Session 1B

Sustainable Communities
Meeting Room 207

 Concurrent Session 1C

Solar Energy
Meeting Room 208

2:45 - 3 pm — Break

3 - 5 pm — Concurrent Sessions 2 (click on session for details)

 Concurrent Session 2A

Solar Energy 2
Presidents Hall 3-4

 Concurrent Session 2B

Extension Innovation
Meeting Room 207

 Concurrent Session 2C

Energy Issues
Meeting Room 208

5 - 6 pm — Poster Session and Reception, President’s Hall 3-4
6 - 8 pm — Dinner and Special Speaker: Ann Swanson, Chesapeake Bay Commission, Dean’s Hall 1-2

Tuesday, May 17

7 am — Registration Table Opens
7:30 am — Continental Breakfast and Networking, Presidents Pre 1-2


     8:30 am – Noon — Opening Plenary Session, Presidents Hall 3-4

8:30 am — Reconvene, Announcements

  • Paul Shrivastava, Director of PSU Sustainability Institute

9:15 am — Keynote Address: Crystal Chissell, Project Regeneration

10 am — Break

10:30 am — Panel Discussion: California Carbon Markets and their Implications:

  • Shashi Menon, EcoEngineers

  • Lyle Schlyer, Calgren

  • Steve Kaffka, UC-Davis

Noon — Lunch, Dean’s Hall 1-2

1 pm – 2:30 pm — Concurrent Sessions 3

 Concurrent Session 3A

Presidents Hall 3-4

 Concurrent Session 3B

Green Infrastructure

 Concurrent Session 3C

Carbon Accounting
in Agriculture

2:30 - 2:45 pm — Break

2:45 - 4:30 pm — Concurrent Sessions 4

 Concurrent Session 4A

Green Infrastructure

Presidents Hall 3-4

 Concurrent Session 4B

Biomass Panel
Meeting Room 207

 Concurrent Session 4C

Meeting Room 208

Wednesday, May 18

7:30 am — Continental Breakfast and Networking Hotel Entrance
8:00 am — Tours Depart, Hotel Entrance
6:00 pm — Conference Organizing Committee Debriefing

Thursday, May 19 — Post-Conference Meetings

Concurrent Sessions 1  •  May 16, 1-2:45 pm 

Concurrent Session 1A  • Green Infrastructure • Presidents Hall 3-4

Evaluation of Vegetation Success on Reclaimed Natural Gas Pipelines
Anthony Mesa, Michael Strager, Paul Kinder, and Shawn Grushecky, West Virginia University


Consumptive Use of Water in South Carolina
Mani Rouhi Rad, Heather Nix, and Guinn Wallower, Clemson University

Salinity Transport in an Urban Bioretention Basin From De-Icing Salt Applications
Carrie Fischer and Shirley Clark, Pennsylvania State University Harrisburg

Willingness to Engage in Urban Stormwater Management: A Structural Equation Modelling Analysis
Rui Wang and Hong Wu, Pennsylvania State University

Defining, Decolonizing, and Applying Permaculture: Perspectives of Permaculture Teachers and Practitioners Nationwide
Kaitlyn Spangler, Utah State University; Roslynn Brain McCann, Utah State University Moab; Rafter Sass Ferguson, Union of Concerned Scientists

Peer Effects in Residential Green Infrastructure Adoption
Daniel Brent and Douglas Wrenn, Pennsylvania State University

Concurrent Sesion 1A

Concurrent Session 1B  • Sustainable Communities • Meeting Room 207

Concurren Sessions 1B

Addressing Community Resilience through Repair (Cafes)
Heather Teegarden and Patricia Townsend, Washington State University Snohomish County Extension

Climate Change Vulnerability in BIPOC communities
Maria Dozier, Extension Foundation


CREATE BRIDGES: Sustainable Community Development for Retail, Tourism, Accommodations, and Entertainment
Grace Langford and Russ Garner, Southern Rural Development Center

Resolving Heirs’ Property Issues: Its Role in Community Sustainability
Russ Garner and Grace Langford, Southern Rural Development Center

A Statewide Low-Income Efficiency Program: Florida’s Energy Equity Coalition
Lee Hayes Byron, University of Florida; Alane Humrich, Community Weatherization Coalition; Jennison Kipp, University of Florida IFAS Program for Resource Efficient Communities; Marianne Schmink, Community Weatherization Coalition


Creating Living Laboratories for Sustainability in Florida’s New Urban Developments
M. Jennison Kipp, Pierce Jones, and Heather Hubbard, University of Florida IFAS Extension

Building Capacity to Implement Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Strategies for Farms and Forests
Jenifer Wightman and Peter Woodbury, Cornell University

Concurrent Session 1C  • Solar Energy • Meeting Room 208

Concurrent Sessions 1C

Community-Driven Solar Siting and Financing: A Toolkit from Massachusetts
River Strong and Zara Dowling, UMass Clean Energy Extension

Solving the Solar PV Intermittency Challenge
Edward V. Johnstonbaugh, Pennsylvania State University

Utility Scale Solar Development --What are the Implications on Conserved Land
Thomas B Murphy, Penn State Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research and Brook Duer, Penn State Law

Utility-Scale Solar Energy Production: Preparing Extension to Meet the Challenge
Eric Romich, Ohio State University Extension

Developing partnerships to understand, educate, pilot and advance equitable community solar
Lissa Pawlisch, U of M Extension, Regional Partnership

Successfully Navigating the Leasing of Farmland for Energy Development
Thomas Murphy, Penn State Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research

Maryland Extension Training: Solar PV Options, Opportunities and Challenges
Drew Schiavone, University of Maryland

Concurrent Sessions 2  •  May 16, 3 - 5 pm 

Concurrent Session  2A  • Solar Energy 2 • Presidents Hall 3-4

Concurrent Sessons 2A

Solar Project Development in TX, MN, and PA

Large Scale Solar Electricity Generation: The Emergent Landscape for Educators
David Kay, Cornell University; Tom Murphy, Pennsylvania State University; Mohamed Badissy, Dickinson Law Pennsylvania State University; Zara Dowling, UMass Clean Energy Extension; Paul Goeringer, University of Maryland

Tools, Tips, and Tricks for Solar Economic Analysis
F. John Hay, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Concurrent Session 2B  • Extension Innovation • Meeting Room 207

Concurrent Sessions 2B

Targeting Hard-to-Reach Audiences with Tailored Programming and Diverse Collaborations
Erin Garrett, University of Illinois Extension

Restoring Relationships: Cornell Cooperative Extension engaging with New York’s Indigenous Communities
Nathan Scott, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Schuyler County

Dashing the ‘Bottom Line’: Economic Complexity and Existential Reckoning in U.S. Local and Regional Food Systems in Response to Covid-19
Sarah Rocker, Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development and Lilian Brislen, Local Food Connection, University of Kentucky

Understanding the Role of Farm Energy in Extension Programs
Siobhan L. Fathel, Jaya Tripathi, and Daniel Ciolkosz, Pennsylvania State University

Energy Efficiency Blitzes With Manufactured (Mobile) Home Parks
Joel Haskard, University of Minnesota, Extension, Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships

Fire and Water: Sustainability Extension Education in Central Arizona
Christopher Jones, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension - Gila County

Establishing a Carinata-based Bioeconomy in the Southeastern US: The Importance of Partnerships
Farhad Masum, Argonne National Laboratory; Dan Geller, University of Georgia College of Engineering; Sheeja George, Agronomy Department, UF/IFAS North Florida REC;  Wendy-Lin Bartels, University of Florida

Farm/Energy/Carbon: Statewide Legislative Initiative in Wisconsin
Tim Baye, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Concurrent Session 2C  • Energy Issues • Meeting Room 208

Concurren Sessions 2C

Critical Infrastructure in Agriculture: Impact of Power Factor on Grain Drying Energy Cost
Eric Romich, Ohio State University Extension

Nonprofit Energy Efficiency: Extension Partnering with Foundations to Improve Climate and Community
Sara Kane, UF/IFAS Extension Sarasota County and Lee Hayes Byron, UF/IFAS Extension Sarasota County

Stormwise - Power Distribution Resilience through Innovative Roadside Forest Management
Thomas Worthley and Amanda Bunce, University of Connecticut

Appalachia’s Coal Transition: Pathways for Community Resilience
Gwynn Stewart and Jeffrey B. Jacquet, Ohio State University

Social License for the Energy Transition: A Case Study of Wyoming Residents
Selena Gerace, University of Wyoming

Concurrent Sessions 3  •  May 17, 1 - 2:30 pm 

Concurrent Session  3A  • Biomass • Presidents Hall 3-4

Concurrent Sessions 3A

Barriers and Preferred Outreach Efforts to Wood Energy Adoption in Wisconsin School Districts
Shiba Kar, Bethany Slembarski and Nilesh Timilsina, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Anaerobic Codigestion of Brewers Spent Grain with Dairy Manure
Matt Steiman, Dickinson College Farm

Anaerobic Digestion of Aquaculture Sludge and Fishery Byproducts: Challenges and Opportunities
Abhinav Choudhury, Christine Lepine, Christopher Good, The Conservation Fund; and Freddy Witarsa, Colorado Mesa University

Integrating Extension and Eesearch Activities in a Case Study: Farm Scale Poultry Litter Anaerobic Digestion
Amro Hassanein and Stephanie Lansing, University of Maryland

Concurrent Session  3B  • Green Infrastructure Workshop

Concurrent Sessions 3B

Concurrent Session  3C  • Carbon Accounting in Agriculture

Concurrent Sessins 3C

Concurrent Sessions 4  •  May 17, 2:45 - 4:30 pm 

Concurrent Session  4A  • Green Infrastructure • Presidents Hall 3-4

Conurnt Sessions 4A

Shifting Green Stormwater Infrastructure Designs: Factors Influencing Off-line Flow-Bypass Systems
Jessica Fegley, Pennsylvania State University

Effect of Plant Species, Drought and Saturated Zones on Nitrate Removal in Green Stormwater Infrastructure
Margaret C Hoffman, Pennsylvania State University
Jacob Matlin, Pennsylvania State University

Maryland Watershed Stewards Academy: Empowering Residents to Implement Small Scale Green Infrastructure
Kelsey Brooks, University of Maryland Extension

Pinellas County Annual Green Infrastructure Conference: Reaching New Audiences
Steve Robinson, University of Florida, and Eban Bean, Don Rainey, and JP Gellermann, University of Florida /IFAS

Concurrent Session  4B  • Biomass Panel • Meeting Room 207

Concurrent Sessions 4B

Biomass Resources Availability, Access, and Market: Extension Lessons in Mid-Atlantic States
Michael Jacobson, Pennsylvania State University; Matthew Langholtz, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; and Shawn Grushecky, West Virginia University

Concurrent Session  4C  • Climate • Meeting 208

Concurrent Sessions 4C

Climate Change in Extension: Priority Actions, Federal Steps Taken, and Prioritizing Our Next Steps
Roslynn McCann, Utah State University; Jennison Kipp, University of Florida; Paul Lachapelle, Montana State University; and Chuck Ross, The Extension Foundation

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